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Aug 22, 2017

This week we talk Vuelta, Velogames teams, and some amazing prizes for donors. We read some listener emails, and FINALLY hear the long awaited Greenfield Crit interviews from Luke Warm. Just please remember where you first heard of all these amazing riders when they are winning post-Tour crits. 

The remainder of August is the Wide Angle Podium Donor Drive. If you like our little show (or hate it), please think about joining and helping to support what WAP is building. Check out to get involved! If you enjoy this show, you will probably enjoy the other networks shows as well, give 'em a listen! 

We are supported this week by Nature Box. Don’t be that guy begging for snacks on the next group ride. Go to and enter the promo code SLOWRIDE for three free snacks to get you started down the road to better treats!

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