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Sep 27, 2016

We took a week off and everything changed! The road season is over and we are somehow two World Cups depp into cyclocross! How did that happen?

We talk about some classic cyclocross mishaps, both by Spencer, and by the UCI this past weekend. We shower Jingle Cross with praise as best new indie band, and LG won't let the...

Sep 14, 2016

WWDDD? What Would the Dirt Dog Do? We here at the Slow Ride Podcast ask ourselves this question every time we record an episode. Unfortunately, he would probably just jump over us and do a sweet skid, neither of which we can do. But its the thought that counts.

This week we talk cx racing, Vuelta pain (cause Tim won)...

Sep 7, 2016

This week we talk rules, rules and a guy that broke all the rules. Tim tells us about a movie, Spencer tells us who should be going home early and Matt notices some brakes. Enjoy your Vuelta rest day cause next week of racing from Spain is going to be amazing. Valverde for life.

You can listen to us in a variety of...