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Nov 23, 2015

SVEN SVEN SVEN. Mn state cx championships. Sven Sven Sven. Stars and Stripes kit options and other cool stuff. We need questions for usac president Derek Bouchard-Hall. Email, tweet or just find us on the street and let us know what you want us to ask the most important man in American cycling.

Nov 17, 2015

Podiums Podiums Podiums. You want them and we’ve got them. We make our case for why new USA Cycling president Derek Bouchard-Hall should come on the podcast and answer the tuff questions, like picking new team kit colors. Also: Watch out for r

Nov 9, 2015

Holy crap we are back and we’ve got a new favorite racer.They have a very unique dismount technique (Not drive side or step thru). Plus all the cx world has been turned upside down with some big upsets this past weekend. But first we discuss the strange strange world of Tommy D, Conti teams and why Russia might get...